The PolyBoost tools have now been integrated into 3ds max! Most of them can be found inside 3ds max within the Graphite Modeling Tools in the Ribbon. PolyBoost is no longer available for purchase as a standalone plugin.

Version 4.1 of PolyBoost has now been released with support for 3ds max 2009 and 3ds max 2009 Design. The new version includes several bugfixes and code optimization, no new features. It is also available for 3ds max9 and 2008. The upgrade is free for existing users. Go to the Downloads section to upgrade.

3ds max 2009 and 3ds max 2009 Design has now been released. An update to PolyBoost is needed for it to work in the new version(s). A new version of PolyBoost will be released within a few days.

PolyBoost 4.0 has now been released! Almost all parts of PolyBoost have now been converted to c++ using the 3ds max SDK which means a lot for the speed and efficiency of the tools. They are now just as fast as native max tools would be! New tools in this release include Symmetry Tools, Texture Wrap, Cavity, Density, Dust and SubSurface Map, UV Space, SurfaceSelect, SymmetrySelect, StepLoop and surface offset for the PolyDraw tools. View the preview video here and read more about the update here. The upgrade is free for existing users.

3ds max 2008 has now been released. There will be no update to PolyBoost needed to run it in 3ds max 2008 32 bit or 64 bit. Work on the next version of PolyBoost is currently in progress. The release for that is some time away still but it will be a major upgrade for PolyBoost.

Version 3.0 of PolyBoost has now been released! This new version evolves the concept of working with edgeloops with new tools such as CurveLoop, SpaceLoop, StraightenLoop, CircleLoop, RelaxLoop, tools for moving and building in screenspace in PolyDraw, advanced UVW Unwrap tools, new selection functionality and many fixes throughout PolyBoost. Check out the preview video here and read more about the update here. The upgrade is free for existing users.

Version 2.5 of PolyBoost has now been released! This new release adds support for 3ds max 9 and new features like PolyShift - a new interactive transform tool, Quadrify, ShrinkRing and many more additions and optimizations. Check out the preview video here and read more about the update here. The upgrade is free for existing users.

Version 2.5 of PolyBoost is in the works and will be released shortly with support for 3ds max 9 among other things. It will be a free upgrade for existing users. Stay tuned for more info.

Gnomon Workshop releases training dvd's by Ian Joyner of Blur showing the use of PolyBoost and many other useful things. Check them out!

Character modeling techniques
Character texturing techniques

PolyBoost gets a very positive review in the April issue of 3D World magazine. 9/10 verdict!

Version 2.2 of PolyBoost is now available for download! Version 2.2 brings Edit Poly modifier support for most of the modeling tools and the Edit tools of PolyDraw. Existing users can use the automatic update system to upgrade for free. Read more about the changes here.

PolyBoost 2.1 has been released! Includes support for 3ds max 8 and new additions and improvements like a completely redesigned interface, automatic updates, PolyDraw - SwiftLoop, PolyBranch and more. View the preview video for version 2.1 here . Read more about the new release here.

Users who have installed 3ds max 8 and want to use PolyBoost in that version go here.

3ds max 8 has been released! Currently it is not possible to install PolyBoost in 3ds max 8. There will be an update of PolyBoost released shortly which will work in max 8 and also include some new additions to the tools and interface.

PolyBoost 2.0 has been released!! This is a major upgrade for the PolyBoost tools with many new additions and improvements. Go to the Videos section to check out the preview video. For more info go here. Once again this upgrade is free for existing users! Available for download in the Downloads section.

Epic games goes with PolyBoost! Epic games is one of many prominent companies already using PolyBoost in production. Here is what some of the artists at Epic games have to say about PolyBoost:
  "A must have for any modeler using 3dsmax’s poly tools. Polyboost adds a level of interactive modeling currently missing from 3dsmax. These modeling tools have been a significant time saver in the production process here at Epic Games."

Kevin Lanning
Artist, Epic Games

"Polyboost has been a great help for me in my modeling workflow here at Epic Games. I have been using it now for a while and found it to be very useful when doing poly modeling. The draw polygon feature is particularly useful when generating a low poly mesh from a high poly mesh, a procedure usually done when an artist is generating normal map from a high poly model. This feature is also very useful because it allows you to actually pick the surface you want to create polygons on. The short cut keys for most of the features are very friendly as well. The ability to apply 3-5 different actions by simply switching/combining between shift, alt, control is great!! Patternmaker as well had very good capabilities when generating patterns with selections. I use it every day and will continue to integrate Polyboost in my workflow on a regular basis."

Danny Rodriguez
Artist, Epic Games


PolyBoost 1.5 has been released! Lots of useful new features. Check out this video to see them in action and read more here. The upgrade is free for existing users. The upgrade is available for download in the Downloads section

PolyBoost 1.0 released! Available for download in the "Downloads" section.
PolyBoost in now in the final phase of development and a release is coming closer. Expected timeframe to release is about a month or less. In the meanwhile check out these 2 threads about PolyBoost and the Topology tools at CGTalk which contains much information about PolyBoost
The PolyBoost website goes online!