Below you can download and view a few videos showing some of the features of PolyBoost in action. These videos should give you a good idea what PolyBoost is about. Download the Techsmith codec if needed at the bottom of this page.

PolyBoost 4.0 preview (15 MB, 600x580, 3 min 2 sec)
Showing PolyBoost speed, Symmetry Tools, Texture Wrap,
Texture Tools, Selection Tools

PolyBoost 3.0 preview (14,5 MB, 600x600, 6 min 41 sec)
Showing Space Loop, Curve Loop, Straighten Loop, Circle Loop, Relax Loop, UV Lineup, PolyDraw, Similar

PolyBoost 2.5 preview (3,9 MB, 700x584, 1 min 27 sec)
Showing PolyShift, Quadrify

PolyBoost 2.1 preview (7,2 MB, 472x628, 2 min 57 sec)
Showing Interface, Automatic updates, SwiftLoop, PolyBranch

PolyBoost 2.0 preview (42,6 MB, 624x596, 8 min 45 sec)
Showing PolyDraw, Modeling, Viewport Canvas, UVW Tweak

PolyBoost 1.5 Upgrade (13,0 MB, 592x560, 5 min 10 sec)
Showing PolyDraw, Modeling, Selection, UnwrapUVW

Teaser video 1 (4,4 MB, 640x600, 6 min 20 sec)
Showing Selection, Modeling, Patternmaker

Teaser video 2 (8,9 MB, 640x600, 3 min 50 sec)
Showing PaintConnect, FlowConnect, Selection, BitmapSelect

Teaser video 3 (5,5 MB, 520x436, 2 min 40 sec)
Showing AdjustLoops, UnwrapUVW, Transform

These videos are encoded with the Techsmith codec, get it here: Techsmith codec