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Version 4.0 features!

Here is an overview of the new features included in PolyBoost 2.0



PolyDraw enhanced. Huge imporovements in speed, accuracy and workflow. A
large amount of new useful tools to work with. Topology brush, Paint connections
and automatically fit the new edges to the flow of the exsisting surface, Surface
painter, Border tool, Optimizer, PolyShapes, PolyStrips, SurfaceMove tool, draw
Splines and more. Many workflow enhancements like Quick help buttons in the
interface for each tool and Undo support. A huge upgrade from the previous

Viewport Canvas

Viewport Canvas is a set of easy to use tools for painting and cloning an objects
texture directly in the 3ds max viewport! Clonetool, clone away your seams
directly on the model in the viewport. No more seams!
Most of the Photoshop blendingmodes supported. User-definable custom
custom brushes. Alphamask of painted parts. Option to Export viewport to
another painting application and paint using all the tools that program offers, then
update the texture on the model. Painting in the viewport in 3ds max is a long
wished for feature for many users, now you can do it.

UVW Tweak

Tweak the UVW mapping on your model directly in the viewport in an intuitive
way! "Pull" the mapping around by grabbing vertices and dragging to get rid of
streching in the mapping without the need for any modifiers.

Modeling tools

Automatically fit edgeloops or edges to the exsisting flow of the surface.

Center an edgeloops vertices on the edges the vertices are on.

Untangles a polygon and organizes the vertices to form a perfect geometric shape.

More new features and changes

Edit Poly modifier support for almost all selection tools and a few of the
modeling tools!

CreatePolygon now works with any number of vertices selected.(more than 2)

Vertex selection tools for the Skin modifier and Cloth modifer. Available is
Grow, Shrink, Loop, Ring and select Element.

Similar tool now has the option to select vertices,edges or faces based on similar
normal direction.

Rotate tool now works on subobject selections.

The PolyBoost interface is now dockable in the viewport and also slightly
smaller and better looking!

Proper Undo support added to all spinners in PolyBoost so that the whole action
is undone.


FlowConnect/FlowAdjust rewritten to work on most types of topology and with
no spinner lag. Now also more accurate.

AdjustLoops - spinner lag removed.

New combined interface "Loops" for the MeshFlow tools and the AdjustLoops tools with additional tools added.

GrowLoop rewritten to work with paralell edgeloops.

NormalSelect, PerspectiveSelect and SelectHalf no longer requires the objects transform to be reset.

There is no longer any need to reset the transform of objects after using the "Set size" tool if the object is an Editable poly.

FillSelection tool rewritten. It is now more reliable.

StepMode rewritten - Initial selection is no longer cleared when starting the tool.

Improved PerspectiveGrow.

Modeling part of the interface has been slightly reorginized for faster access to
certain tools.


Go to the Videos section of the website to view videos of the tools in action.

Go here to view a list of all the featured tools in PolyBoost.

Available for download is also the PolyBoost user-reference with more extensive
descriptions of the tools and interface: Download

Some notes about the tools:
PolyBoost will work in 3ds max versions 5 - 9, 2008 and 2009. Most of the tools work on all subobjectlevels, so it's one tool for all modes. UVW-mapping is kept
intact for all the modeling tools and work with modifiers in the stack. Many tools
have an optional functionality when the shift key is pressed. This will either apply
the tool on the current selection only, or do another variation of the tool. Shortcuts
are available for all tools that do not require an interface in order to be useful. The
PolyBoost main interface, where all tools can be found is always available by
shortcut key or from a quadmenu.