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Version 4.0 features!

Various Tools:

Many different tools for working with selections. You never know when you might
need one of these.


Store and paste selections on object or between objects. Add, subtract or select
intersection between selections with fast workflow.

SelectionFromBitmap - Select polygons/vertices/edges on a mesh based on the
colors of a bitmap, according to the UVW mapping. As an example you can paint
a bitmap in black and white colors, and choose to select only the areas of the
mesh that have the white color, or any color you choose. You could have a
bitmap with many different colors representing different selections on the mesh
and have many different selections stored this way, which will often survive
topology changes.
Also good for selecting parts of the mesh that is hard to reach,
like the inside of the mouth as an example, if you have that part layed out in the
UVW mapping.
SelectionToBitmap - Take the current selection and draw a bitmap in black and
white colors representing th current subobject selection, which can later be used in the SelectionFromBitmap tool to select parts.

Various Selection tools

NormalSelect - Interactively select polygons/vertices/edges based on which
direction they point. In the example all polygons which point up to a certain degree are selected.

SelectHalf - Select half the mesh in the specified axis, based on the pivot

DistanceSelect - Interactively select polygons/vertices/edges based on the
distance from the objects pivot.

PerspectiveGrow - Interactively select and grow polygons/vertices/edges
inwards into the view. The closest parts will be selected first.

PerspectiveSelect - Select polygons/vertices/edges which point towards the view to a certain extent. Optional automatic outline and applies withing the current
selection only if specified.

Go to the Videos section of the website to view videos of the tools in action.

Go here to view a list of all the featured tools in PolyBoost.

Available for download is also the PolyBoost user-reference with more extensive
descriptions of the tools and interface: Download

Some notes about the tools:
PolyBoost will work in 3ds max versions 5 - 9, 2008 and 2009. Most of the tools work on all subobjectlevels, so it's one tool for all modes. UVW-mapping is kept
intact for all the modeling tools and work with modifiers in the stack. Many tools
have an optional functionality when the shift key is pressed. This will either apply
the tool on the current selection only, or do another variation of the tool. Shortcuts
are available for all tools that do not require an interface in order to be useful. The
PolyBoost main interface, where all tools can be found is always available by
shortcut key or from a quadmenu.