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Version 4.0 features!

Modeling Tools:

Easy to use and creative modeling tools for everyday use. All modeling tools
keeps the UVW mapping intact, with exeption of the Loops tools.

  InsertLoop RemoveLoop (For all SO levels)
FlowConnect FlowAdjust
Loop Tools
CreatePolygon InsertVerts
BuildCorner BuildEnd
CornerLoop EndedLoops
DistanceConnect RandomConnect
PaintConnect SpinEdge
GeoPoly Quadrify
CurveLoop SpaceLoop
StraightenLoop CircleLoop


A setof tools for quickly editing meshes or sketching out a mesh , either on
the main grid, projected onto the surface of another object or on the selected
object itself.

Generate procedural topology on meshes or subobject selection. Good for
making all types of brick, wall, mosaic, flooring, stone/rock formations, or sci-fi
surface details or even skinlike details.

Go to the Videos section of the website to view videos of the tools in action.

Go here to view a list of all the featured tools in PolyBoost.

Available for download is also the PolyBoost user-reference with more extensive
descriptions of the tools and interface: Download

Some notes about the tools:
PolyBoost will work in 3ds max versions 5 - 9, 2008 and 2009. Most of the tools work on all subobjectlevels, so it's one tool for all modes. UVW-mapping is kept
intact for all the modeling tools and work with modifiers in the stack. Many tools
have an optional functionality when the shift key is pressed. This will either apply
the tool on the current selection only, or do another variation of the tool. Shortcuts
are available for all tools that do not require an interface in order to be useful. The
PolyBoost main interface, where all tools can be found is always available by
shortcut key or from a quadmenu.