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Version 4.0 features!

Transform Tools:

A set of tools for transforming objects.


PolyShift - Interactive transform tool to freeform shape an object by moving
vertices around in screenspace with adjustable falloff effect. Makes it very easy
to make quick changes to the overall shape of an object.

Rotate - Rotate objects and subobject selections clockwise or
counter-clockwise in defined amount of degrees, based on the direction the
element is viewed in the viewport.

Size - Set the size in units for an object in specified axis. Small floater available
to see the current size. Available is also ResetXform at the press of a button.

AlignPivot - A few tools for aligning an objects pivot; set pivot to
minimum/maximum location in any axis, center and origo in a specific axis.
Center pivot and set pivot to the center of the world(origo).

CenterObject - Position the selected object at the center of the world(origo).

QuickClone - Clones the selected object as a copy or instance and moves it to
the side of the original. The direction to move the clone is based on the direction
the object is viewed in the viewport.


Go to the Videos section of the website to view videos of the tools in action.

Go here to view a list of all the featured tools in PolyBoost.

Available for download is also the PolyBoost user-reference with more extensive
descriptions of the tools and interface: Download

Some notes about the tools:
PolyBoost will work in 3ds max versions 5 - 9, 2008 and 2009. Most of the tools work on all subobjectlevels, so it's one tool for all modes. UVW-mapping is kept
intact for all the modeling tools and work with modifiers in the stack. Many tools
have an optional functionality when the shift key is pressed. This will either apply
the tool on the current selection only, or do another variation of the tool. Shortcuts
are available for all tools that do not require an interface in order to be useful. The
PolyBoost main interface, where all tools can be found is always available by
shortcut key or from a quadmenu.