PolyBoost 4.1

Download PolyBoost 4.1 from the link below. Go to the Buy section of the website to purchase and authorize the software. Version 4.1 will work in 3ds max 9, 2008 and 2009, both for 32 bit and 64 bit. Make sure that you download the correct version below. If you are using a version of 3ds max lower than 9 you must use version 3.0 of PolyBoost.

PolyBoost 4.1 (for 3ds max 2009 and 3ds max 2009 Design)

PolyBoost 4.1 (for 3ds max 9 and 2008)

PolyBoost 3.0 (for 3ds max version 5 to 8)


The upgrade from version 3.0 or earlier to version 4.1 requires a reinstallation of PolyBoost and a new serialnumber for your license. Contact support about that and supply your account login name.

The upgrade from version 4.0 to 4.1 requires a reinstallation only.

Download the latest version from the link above and follow the steps provided in the textfile "PB_UpgradeInstructions.txt".

If you have upgraded 3ds max to a newer version you can use the "Reinstall" option during setup if PolyBoost 4.1 has been installed before on that same computer.
If you have questions contact support at admin@polyboost.com .

PolyBoost Demo

When you download and install PolyBoost you will have the option to install
the software as a demo. The demo mode gives you 20 sessions in 3ds max using
the tools, which should be enough for making a proper evaluation.
The demo can at any time be authorized to activate the full version of PolyBoost..
Use the link above to download PolyBoost.

PolyBoost User Reference

The help files for PolyBoost. Also included in the PolyBoost 4.1 download.